Kascadia Deviant Arts Show '08

The People's Republic of Kascadia art show is in the Mnemomic gallery in 619 Western Building during the May Artwalk. It specialized in art that is of a dark or disturbing nature. Guide the people away from the deviant behavior of the mainstream society and enforce proper art standards among the proles.

Kascadia is a an art show dedicated to the dark and deviant arts, a showing of things that would not normally be seen in galleries and shows. The second Kascadia show will be on May 1st, 2008 in the Menomic Gallery.

Submission guidelines:
Expected submissions should be from one to five pieces. Size is a consideration as each artist can expect about 10' of wall space. Smaller pieces can have a larger number of submissions. Artists should submit pictures of pieces along with their name and contact info. Information on each piece that should also be provided would be their name, the pieces name, year completed, media, and price if for sale.

Any special displays for the art should also be explained at the time of the submission. The PRK encourages novel ways of displaying the work and such will be considered along with the pieces themselves.

Sumbissions and emails should be made to marc17@painandgreed.com.

Entry cost:
$20 suggested donation for those accepted. Not required but will help to cut costs of the event.

Gallery cut:
15% of sold price.

Hanging schedule:
April 25th 6-10, April 26th 6 - finish

Take down schedule:
Art can be taken down anytime after 10 o'clock on May 1st. By that time artwalk will be as good as over and although pieces may be left up in the gallery, with not special events listed, the only people who might see them will be the artists on the floor.

Artist Party:
Saturday, April 26th, 8 till whenever

Artwalk show:
Thursday, May 1st, 2008, 7- close